Saturday, December 21, 2013

21st Annual Outback Riders Toy Run 2013

Eighty degree weather with only a hint of dark clouds above brought forth yet another remarkable turnout for the Outback Riders toy run. With bikes as far as the eye can see, participants once again came together for the children in this community. This year marks the 21st annual ride that began with comparatively modest numbers. Since the first year, this annual event has grown into one of the largest such rides here in the state of Georgia. The Outback Riders in collaboration with the Salvation Army, and Empty Stocking Fund open their hearts this time of year in expressing the true gift of giving. The generosity of all those involved benefit less fortunate children that would otherwise sadly, do without. This mutual act of kindness brings forth men, and women, from all walks of life, for miles around with one goal in mind, a Merry Christmas. So, to all of the brothers and sisters of the Outback Riders, and every one else that made this possible once again, thank you, have a very Merry Christmas, and as always… ride safe.
First Bikes top the hill


The Vstar ( I just had to put one in of my bike)