Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Disappointment of the Year

As the title suggests, I have disappointing news to report. I finally made time today for the installation of my new tail light. Unfortunately, when preparing to wire in the new light, I discovered what was shipped to me was not what I ordered. First off, the metal support on the back of the light was bent. I wasn't worried much though because I was already planning on making a side mount license plate, and would mount the light there. No big deal. However, I soon realized that the light appeared to be missing a couple of wires. What do we have? Run...yes, stop...yes, ground...yes, signals...NO! I was going to give the Ebay seller a chance to rectify the situation. I've sent him a message explaining my dilemma, but have had no respose yet. I went back to check the listing, and it has been deleted. I did however look through my purchase history, and the title for the listing cleary states it is an integrated run/turn/stop light. I will give the seller the benefit of the doubt, and blame his inattentiveness to my situation on the Holiday.I plan on giving him a few more days, and then will be forced to file a claim with Ebay. Despite this unwelcome set back, I have managed to pick up a piece of sheet metal, and draw out a template for my license plate/light combo. I'm also currently scouring Ebay for a fender, or fender blank that can be cut, and shaped to follow along with the direction of my build. I may simply pick up a used Vstar Classic fender and modify it, or pick up an after market fender. So long as it contours around the tire, and leaves enough length on the end to shape,I'll be happy. I will post more on this later. Well it's almost time to go ring in the new year, so I will sign off one last time for 2011. I hope the new year brings all of you happiness, good health, prosperity, and plenty of good riding weather. See you in 2012....ride safe.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tail Light and Signals Revisited

If you've been following along with this blog from the beginning, you already know I've previously replaced the OEM tail light, and rear turn signals. However, my recent thoughts are to replace both with an integrated run/turn/stop light. I'm thinking, while I'm at it, I may pick up a small piece of sheet metal and make a side mount license plate. If so, I plan on mounting the new tail light to it instead of back in the stock position. I've purchased what is referred to as a cat's eye styled tail light due to the uncanny resemblance it's shape bears to that of an actual cat's eye. My decision to purchase the integrated light is driven by my thoughts of replacing, or customizing the current rear fender. Removing the tail light, and current license plate mount will significantly increase the range of rear fender options. If I do remove the current signals completely from the rear fender, I may try to incorporate them in with the front signals giving either side of the headlight a dual setup. One pair of the signals will remain as running lights, while the other will be strictly signals. The idea is to wire them both to flash when signaling left or right, then have the dual filament lights simply remain on after the turn is complete. With the Holiday season upon us, my time for the bike will be limited as much of this time is spent with the family. I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze a little extra time out eventually though, and will repost later with pics of the light, and perhaps the install. I will certainly give more details then including my design ideas for all that I have planned. Until then...enjoy the Holidays, and ride safe.