Monday, July 22, 2013

Ape Hanger Update

Well, this project is slowly coming to fruition. I have the bars and risers on the bike, but have removed all controls, cables and wiring. So far, my ever growing list of ideas is culminating into one big melting pot of work. I’m not saying I mind the work, but I do miss riding my bike. Here is what I have so far. I’ve ordered, and received new grips to replace the ones that became a casualty of removing the old bars. Previously, when installing the left side grip on the old set of dragbars, I used a tad of cheap epoxy to keep it in place. As it turns out, cheap epoxy holds much better than expected, and will stand up against most solvents, resulting in the removal of the grip with a dremel, large flat blade screwdriver, and a hammer. As you probably guessed, I had to buy new grips. Since I was content with the look of those, I simply ordered another set to replace them. Along with replacing the grips, I ordered a Harley Davidson single throttle cable housing, and a momentary waterproof starter switch. The plan here is to reduce as much bulk as possible from the bars. The HD housing is not only smaller, but it likewise eliminates the use of the saftey/push throttle cable. In addition to that, relocating the starter switch to elsewhere on the VStar should prove to clean up that side of the bars. I will most likely leave the left side as is. Currently, I have received about half of what I need to get this project complete. I will keep working at it little by little, and continue to update when I can. Ride safe…

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Makes the VStar Great?

The VStar is such a versatile bike, and relatively inexpensive to modify, providing the option of having a “new” bike anytime you take the notion to get creative. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’ve decided on a few changes again. It just hit out of the blue one day while perusing through the treasure trove of parts on Ebay. I found a deal on a new set of bars that I just couldn’t pass up. I’ve always liked the looks of apehangers, but didn’t like the price for the ones that I found most appealing to my unusual taste. Call it fate, or accident, but I found a set of 13”apes that I feel will be perfect for my bike. For this change, I didn’t want to go overboard, or too high, so I decided to swap out the risers as well. I found a 2.5 inch round black riser that will work well with the new bars, while not being too outlandishly tall. I’ve mounted the bars, and risers, but still have a couple of loose ends, literally. I’m addressing cable, brake, and wiring issues, and will hopefully find a resolve this week. I’m contemplating moving the start switch away from the bars to another place on the bike. For the rest of the wiring, I’ve removed the neck covers and un-wrapped the bulk of it from around the neck, providing a little more length, and enough for the bar/riser combo. I’m currently speaking with a local guy to have the cables, and possibly the brake line made here in town. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the extra cost from online shipping charges. I normally like to plan my modifications a little better than this, giving me plenty of time in advance to buy all of the extras that are needed. This time I’m working a little backward. In the end however, I think everything should come together nicely. I will keep you posted with progress, and pictures later. Until then…ride safe.