Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harley Horn

Well, I finally finished my "honey -do" list well enough to have a little time for my bike. Despite the 100 degree temperatures, I took full advantage of my time off, and installed the Harley horn. Though I previously read the instructions, there was still some guess work regarding the measurements for my Custom Vstar. Once all final measurements were determined, and the appropriate length bar was cut and drilled, I simply bolted everything together. The Harley horn offers a louder and deeper tone that, with luck, will help announce my presence to the other vehicles.This addition not only dresses up the side of the bike, but also adds to the facade of riding a Harley. Though I'm content with my Vstar, it is always fun to see the look of some folks, and even have some unwittingly make the comment of "nice Harley". Until my next mod update, ride safe!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The newest addition was simply a little paint. I decided, with all the black, why not paint the front clamps and signals,as well as those on the rear, to match the new headlight. While I was feeling creative, I tried my hand with the little protective plastic tabs located on the forks. Using a Dremel tool, and a pattern I made to insure each would be symetrical to one another, I cut both into a point and painted them black too. The tail light did arrive, however it looks as though I will need to design a new bracket for it to custom fit under the fender. Also a word to the wise, always check measurements of parts you intend on ordering. The tail light was much smaller than I had anticipated. I'm presently waiting on an 1-1/4 frame clamp I ordered from Phat Performance. When it arrives, I will use it to move and replace the stock horn with the Harley horn and locate it as close as I can in the position of a Harley Motorcycle.Until then...Ride safe.