Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mirror Trouble

There is quite a story behind my next modificaton so get comfortable. After the first good experience with Phat performance parts I felt it would be a safe bet to begin there. I found a great looking pair of Arlenness rad II mirrors for around 100 dollars and placed my order. A week goes by and I receive an email explaining that only one mirror is being shipped and that the second was back ordered and would be in around a month later. This was not acceptable, especially since they were already suppose to be here by now. I replied That I would like to cancle my order only to have them respond by saying when it comes in deny shipment and when they received it back I would be refunded my money. Disappointed, my search began again. This time ebay prevailed and for about $10.00 cheaper. After about four business days my mirrors came in supposedly with all the hardware for metric and standard fit, or atleast thats how they were advertised. WRONG! It appears Yamaha, out of all the bikes, needs and extra reverse thread adapter for the right side. Lucky me, I save money ordering the mirrors just to have to spend it putting them on. Calling my local dealership, I found out how incompetent some people can be. Credit card number, order placed, and a four day wait behind me I decided to call and check on my part. They guy answered and claimed he forgot the card number and lost our phone number and so he didn't place the order. Frustrated, I went back to my computer and found which had my part for half of what the dealer was charging. Shipping was going to be $6.00 so I decided to toss in a set of "Drag Specialties" bullet marker lights as well. I just placed the order so no news yet. By the way, I'm still waiting on the original order from Phat performance to come in just so I can deny it and get my money back. Alot of trouble, but on the up side the one mirror I have on does look really good. They are a bit small, but with proper adjustment you will still be able to see the jerk behind you just before he rear ends you. I will post back with more on this dilemma later.

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