Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The newest addition was simply a little paint. I decided, with all the black, why not paint the front clamps and signals,as well as those on the rear, to match the new headlight. While I was feeling creative, I tried my hand with the little protective plastic tabs located on the forks. Using a Dremel tool, and a pattern I made to insure each would be symetrical to one another, I cut both into a point and painted them black too. The tail light did arrive, however it looks as though I will need to design a new bracket for it to custom fit under the fender. Also a word to the wise, always check measurements of parts you intend on ordering. The tail light was much smaller than I had anticipated. I'm presently waiting on an 1-1/4 frame clamp I ordered from Phat Performance. When it arrives, I will use it to move and replace the stock horn with the Harley horn and locate it as close as I can in the position of a Harley Motorcycle.Until then...Ride safe.


john said...

did you remove the back part of your seat? does it leave holes?

James said...

The current seat I have on the bike is a solo seat by WestEagle. The rear seat did not match so I removed it.Removing it will not leave any holes however, there is a bolt/stud that is left sticking up out of the fender. I covered this with a chrome nut.If you look close in the pictures you can see it in the middle of the rear fender.