Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Brief " How To" on V-Star Wiring.

I've finally made the time to finish the latest transformation of my VStar. For this entry, instead of outlining what has been purchased because my previous post has already done so, I will outline a quick wiring “how to”. For starters, my VStars current signal and brake light wiring was moved from the previous location under the fender, to it’s new home along the frame/swing arm. With the stock fender, you can find the bulk of the wiring located behind the tail light. Yamaha uses bullet terminals that can easily be unhooked. For better access, after removing the seat, you can simply loosen the 4 bolts found at the front of the struts located on either side of the bike holding the fender in place. Remove the two rear most bolts that were previously loosened on either side of the bike, and lift the fender up. A quick hint at this point, you may want to find something to aid in holding the fender up while you work. Otherwise, a headache may be in your eminent future. I’m currently running single filament bulb bullet signals that were discussed in one of my earlier postings. Thus, each rear signal requires only two wires, a hot, and ground. The OEM wiring harness colors for the 07 model VStar Custom signals are green/black and brown/black. The tail light uses the same styled bullet terminal connectors as the signals. The wiring for this consists of a black ground, and 2 hot wires. One is for a running light, and the other for when the brake is applied. For my current project however, all of the wiring was removed from underneath the OEM fender as that too was also removed. Again, using Yamaha’s bullet terminals for a quick disconnect, this task was made easy. If you plan on replacing the signals, brake light, or both as I have, you can find the bullet wiring terminals at most auto parts stores. Then it’s just a matter of crimping a new end on the newly acquired light’s wires to match the current Yamaha set up. The after market brake light I purchased has red, yellow, and a black ground. Due to the new placement of the tail light on the swing arm, some of the OEM wiring was removed completely, alleviating unnecessary extra wiring strapped to the frame. My current signal wires are hidden inside the struts, and follow them down to the base of the swing arm. I’ve joined them with the rest of the OEM wiring harness located on the left side of the bike. I have the union held in place on the swing arm with zip ties. The tail light wiring simply follows the curve of the swing arm around the side of the bike where the new license plate and brake light are located. The removal of wiring required that I install new wiring terminals for both the harness end (female) and tail light end (male). This enables me to quickly remove the lights without having a need for completely re-splicing into the wiring harness. All exposed wiring, such as that leading to the side mount license plate can be covered with corrugated plastic wire loom. I’ve posted pictures above of the side mount plate, and newly acquired fender. This is my personal blog, and I'm apt to make mistakes. If you feel I've left anything out, or If you have any questions about this most recent modification to my VStar, please feel free to ask. As always…ride safe.

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