Friday, March 22, 2013

Unwelcome Discovery

The beginnings of my up, and coming bike modifications have certainly taken an unwelcome turn thus far. While surveying the bike, contemplating new ideas, and overall dreaming up a plan of attack for any future changes, I noticed the front fork dust seal was a little worse for wear. From the exterior of the seal, there was a visible hairline crack showing in the upper wiper rubber located on the outer side of the fork. Apparently, the rubber had deteriorated in such a state as to allow moisture contact with the metal ring within the seal. With a firm tug, the rusted metal ring within the left side of the seal crumbled in my hand, giving way, and pulling completely away from the tube. Fortunately, the fork seals themselves are still in viable condition, and do not warrant replacing. I have however ordered the new dust seals for both of the forks, and will hopefully find the time within the next few days to resolve this issue. I will post more later,until then …ride safe.

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