Saturday, November 1, 2008

Subtle changes do make a difference! My VStar is now about two inches lower thanks to the Baron's lowering kit. Though there is not much of a visible difference, the handling is greatly improved, and for under forty dollars (Ebay) I highly recomend this modification. With a lower center of gravity, the cornering can be acheived, as they say "on rails". Another subtle change, was a quick swap of the drivers footpegs. Though I originally considered forward controls, Kuryakyn's swingwing pegs, sold for just over a hundred dollars, kept more money in my wallet and yet achieved the overall results I'd hoped for. The swing wings are just as described, when closed they behave much in the same way as the regular wing pegs, however a simple flip of the switch on the side, swinging them open, and voila, three extra inches of leg room. Although neither modification dramatically changed the apperance of my VStar, both have made my ride much more appealing on a personal level. My next planned upgrade(hopefully) will not only be eye catching, but performance enhancing as well. I will let you know more around Christmas due to the fact that this is going to be a gift from my Wife, so officially, I don't know about it yet. Ride safe!!!

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