Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From the beginning, I have always strived to create a bike that was unique. My recent addition of a new headlight definitely emphasizes, and exibits,this fact. The Wave or E.T. headlight, as it is sometimes refered to, offers a stand alone look for any bike. However, a black powder coated version, was in my opinion, a perfect match for the Midnight Vstar. Offered through Ebay, at 75.00 plus shipping, this purchase I simply could not resist. I'm patiently awaiting the arival of a second Ebay puchase which, hopefully, will add a little more personality to the rear of my Vstar.This time around I decided to go with the addition of an LED taillight designed more for the street/speed bikes as oppose to the cruiser style. With luck, it will accomplish the desired look I'm aiming for. Last on the list is a modification that I would like to thank all the great and wonderful people at the 650 VStar CC&D forum for. This is the horn relocation mod through the use of an Harley Davidson horn and cover. All of the directions for achieving this can be found at . Again I searched the treasure trove of Ebay for a Harley horn. After finding one in good shape, I had it powdercoated gloss black, and am now waiting for clear skys to begin the modification. Due to the weather lately, picture opportunites have been few. I took a couple between down pours to let you see what the new light looks like.

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