Friday, July 10, 2009

I’ve been contemplating my next mod for sometime now. Though I enjoyed the lowered stance offered by the Baron’s lowering shock head, I have admired and longed for a bike that was a little lower. The approach I decided on was to change the set up of my bike from a single shock to rigid. Again many thanks go to the great people over at the 650 CC &D forum for all of their help and advice. To achieve the lowering of your bike by running it with the rigid set up, you begin with a one inch square or round piece of ‘stock’ bought at most any place that carries steel. You’ll need a piece only 10 ½ inches long, then using a ½ inch drill bit, drill two holes approximately 9 ¼ inches from center to center. I’ve spoken with some who have lowered their bikes even further by moving the holes. However, this distance was just right for me. Unfortunately, during the process of completing my project, I was caught in a rain shower. I persevered and finished last night. Due to how late I finished and the rain, the pictures could be better. As always, ride safe.

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