Friday, October 30, 2009

A few more changes

After adding the rigid bar, and determing that the ride was acceptable, I decided to drop the bike down as low as it would go. A friend over at the CC & D shipped me a rigid bar that was drilled at 8 3/4 center mounting holes. This shorter bar placed the fender almost on the swingarm. Yes, now it is, as low as it will go. Also, while looking around on Ebay, I ran across a set of fork bullets that I simply had to have. Their condition was a used, and they were for an 1100 but, I knew with a little work, and a little paint, they would be perfect on my bike. Luckily, I won the bid, and only paid a fraction of what the new price would have been. I've sanded them smooth to get ride of some slight road rash, and painted them to match the rest of the bike. I 've also finally added the small LED taillight that was purchased some time ago. I made a bracket from a peice of metal purchase at a local hardware store, shaped it like the original Yamaha bracket, and bolted it right up.Well, that's it for now...Ride Safe!

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