Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Ideas

Though I haven't added anything new to my bike lately, I figured I would list a few things I have planned for the future. One of the items includes something I happened upon by accident. Lately, I have been seriously contemplating the idea of adding a Harley front end to my bike. Not only will this give more options of wheel choice, but aftermarket triple trees are cheaper, allowing me to add some rake to the front end. The added rake is the eventual goal. Anyway, while looking around, I happened to find a set of fork tube covers on Ebay for only 20$. They are longer than what I will need but, for the price, I'm sure I'll think of a way to remove the extra 1/4 inch. The plan is to paint them black. This will leave only a small section of the front fork tubes showing. Also,while scouring the internet for options to rake the front end, I did find a few of sets of the raked triple trees that are made specifically for the Vstar 650. One is from Mortons at 699$, and comes with the needed tube extensions, as well as built in fork tube covers. Mortons offers 7 degrees of rake. PCS (Pacific Coast Star) offers similar trees at 6 degrees, only without the extensions, and tube covers, for 690$. Scootworks likewise has a set of trees, lacking extensions and covers, at 4 degrees for 499$, with a cheaper raw version available for 344$. The ones that have my attention are from Highway Hawk, found at These offer 6 degrees of rake, and a price tag of 415$. In trying to find the most rake, at the cheapest cost, these seem like the best option so far. I will have to add in the cost of powdercoating them black but, that should be minimal. Along with my searching, I found a gloss black drive shaft cover for around 30 dollars from Ebay. It's wrapped up under the Christmas tree waiting on me. My plans here are to buy a solid wheel cover, which can be found at Scootworks for around 200$, powder coat or paint everything black, and virtually black out the entire rear end. So, as you can see, my next few mods will encompass a few items instead of just one. To start, I think I'll shoot for the cheapest route and buy a wheel cover to go along with the drive shaft cover. I still haven't decided if I want to black out the rims, or simply black out the rear hub and wheel cover, leaving the chrome rim. If I decide to black out the rim, I would likewise blackout the front as well. In the meantime, I will try to post pictures of the new items, as I recieve them, and update my progress. As always, ride safe!

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