Sunday, June 20, 2010


Though I wasn't going to spend anytime working on the bike this summer, it seems I just couldn't help myself. With the addition of all the new glossy parts I've recently added to the front of the bike, the flat black headlight seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. So, I decided with the leftover paint from my last little project, I would remedy that issue. I removed the headlight, and was in between painting coats of gloss black when I happened to spot a small sheet of 16 gauge steel tucked away in the corner of the shed. Again, another left over from a previous project. The wheels in my brain began to spin. I've been wanting to remove the turn signals from the fork tubes, but haven't thought of a plan... until now. Using the vice, and a few well place bends, I shaped a bracket that was about 1/2 inch wider than the base of the headlight. After a little more measuring, and while waiting around to add the clear coat to the headlight, I took a dremel tool and cut the piece down to the height and depth I needed. Now, I simply took the grinding wheel and shaped the ends round, drilled holes to match the lower mount on the headlight, as well as ones for the signals, and started painting away on it as well. I'm pleased with the end results. The headlight is now gloss black and the front forks look much cleaner with the addition of the new mounting bracket for the signals. So, even though I originally said I wasn't going to work on the bike, I'm really glad I did. Until next time...ride safe!

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