Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been a couple of months since my last post, but I really haven't been doing any modding on the bike. After spending the time it took to cut and re-shape the front fender, I decided I liked the looks of my Vstar better without it. I seem to have reached a point where most of my little tasks are complete. I only have a few things left I would like to do. One of them is to add a front wheel, which will take modifying the front forks, enabling me to add a Harley wheel. Most of the wheels I'm interested in are only manufactured for larger bikes, or a Harley. With a little work on the front forks, and machining a new axle, and spacers, I can fit one of several available styles on the 650 Vstar. After adding the black wheel cover on the rear, I would like to stay with black and chrome for the front wheel as well. Another item is paint. Though I plan on sticking with a gloss black base coat, and several layers of clear,there is a very unique coating I would like to add over the top. It's called HolaGrafix. It refracts sunlight, creating a rainbow effect over the black. I'm still debating on the different parts on the bike I would like to paint this way. If you're interested in the coating you can find it at DNA-Custom paints. When I finally get around to a paint job with it, I will certainly let everyone now how it turns out. There are a few other ideas I've been tossing around in my head as well, along the lines of a new rear fender and side plate. I'm not too sure of what I would like to do there. Never the less, I will need to make up my mind before the paint happens. Both the wheel and paint are costly projects, and being a family man, and a Dad, I have other finacial demands that require more attention than my mods. Don't give up on me though. I have high hopes that I can get the ball rolling again real soon. As alway....ride safe.

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