Monday, May 16, 2011


Recently, the mod bug struck again. I purchased some lights on Ebay, to install under the tank, however was very dissapointed. I received 4 individual LED lights, and a push button switch. These lights are very, very dim. To remedy the problem, I've purchased a few feet of strip lighting (again from Ebay) to add with the small individual bulbs. I will probably move the smaller individual lights to the rear of the bike. I have also bought a set of Kuryakyn axle covers used that require a bit of sanding to remove the rust. Afterward, they'll get a good coat of gloss black, and a clear coat for that extra shine. The covers will perhaps be the new placement for the smaller LED lights. When all is said and done, hopefully, the bike will shine a brilliant purple around the engine, and likewise should reflect purple back off of the previously installed wheel cover on the rear tire. That's the plan anyway. We'll see how everything goes. I will post pics when it is all complete. Until then....ride safe!!!

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