Saturday, April 5, 2014

Faint of Heart Chrome Addicts...Look Away!

Once again, I have ruined perfectly good chrome. I found a deal on Ebay for a set of chrome risers that I couldn’t resist. Naturally, my slight aversion to chrome dictates that I had to paint them black. At first, I considered leaving them chrome and simply replace a few of the smaller accessories with chrome to accent the risers. I came to my senses though, and painted them black to go with the existing theme of the bike. When adding the apes last year I contemplated the idea of spiked risers versus the flat top design. I already had the spiked lower fork bullets, and previously trimmed the rock guards into spikes, so the idea for spiked risers made sense. However, I didn’t want to go overboard with that look on the front end, and have it stand out or look odd when compared to the rest of my VStar. Every time I walked by the bike though, the thought of spiked risers entered my mind. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet when I found a slightly used set from a seller EBay. When they arrived however, they were in much better shape than I presumed. As much as it pains me to say, I really hated sanding them down. Hence, the reason I almost left them chrome. Doing so however, I would have wanted to add in more chrome to go with them and I just didn’t see me going through with that idea. The dark theme has remained consistent through the years, and I wouldn’t want to change it now. I plan to get a picture of the bike with the new look as soon as the rain let's up. Well, that’s it for now. Until my next mod, or tid bit of news, ride safe.
Sanded Chrome

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