Saturday, April 12, 2014


Do you ever have one of those moments when you feel like Homer Simpson? Well, this was one of them. My last modification was painting, and adding new risers…sounds easy enough right? Every thing went as planned with one slight exception. When I installed the newly painted risers, I just couldn't help but put a little more torque on the cap than I should have. I was impatient, and didn't let the paint fully cure, and ended up with a slight blemish on the lower edge. It wasn't that bad, and hardly noticeable. However, every time I sat on the bike, I always caught myself looking right at it. The only thing to do was repaint it. No big deal! I pulled it off, wet sanded the entire cap, ensuring that it was smooth as silk, and started on with a new coat of paint. The temps were in the 70’s with relatively low humidity, and the paint went on perfectly. I let it sit for a couple of days just to be safe. I was pleased with the results, until I screwed the cap back on the riser, and then it hit me. The risers were painted “satin” black to match the bars, and looked great as far as I was concerned. The nice new paint on the riser cap also looked great, and was a fine coat of “gloss” black. I mention before about naming the bike “Bad Omen”? I think I’m helping it live up to the name. Looks like I’ll be getting those pictures of the newest addition to my V Star at a later date. Until next time, and after I re-paint the riser cap AGAIN, ride safe.


Chris LaBrado said...

Man if u ever want to sell ur's so nice.

James said...

Thanks, I've had fun building it.