Friday, November 11, 2011

My VStar is now much more visible at night. I’m happy to announce that the addition of the extra strip of lights, achieved exactly what I’d hoped for. The purple, or more appropriately called UV lights, have had somewhat of an entrancing effect though, and I feel now that I might want to add even more elsewhere on the bike. I am still mulling over fender options, and different ideas for the back of the bike, so I don’t think I’ll attempt to add anything there yet. I have thought about adding some temporarily behind the Kury axle covers, and perhaps find a way to add some near or under the triple trees. I still have the 4 individual lights that were purchased originally from a delusional seller on eBay, listing them as a complete bike lighting kit. Unbeknownst to me, the only thing complete about the listing was the fact it completely misrepresented the product. So now I’m stuck with the 4 small individual lights, and have the perplexing task of planning a way to incorporate them on my bike, or feel that I totally wasted money on them. My current thought leads me in the direction of the triple trees, or perhaps a little higher into the riser/bar area. I considered somewhere along the lower fork tubes, and perhaps even down around the fork bullets, but don’t really like the idea of wire running the length of the front end. For now though, I’ll enjoy what I have, and the gained attention derived from the curious onlookers wondering if they are being invaded by little green biker men from Mars. The pictures I’ve included show where the lights were placed along the top double back bone of the VStar , and again on both sides of the lower frame. Their placement is a bit closer to the heated areas of the bike than I would like, but after a couple of rides allowing the engine to fully warm up, everything appears to be ok. Thus far, I haven’t had to clean melted LED strip lights off of the lower side of the engine, or exhaust. So for now, I’ll assume they have found their permanent home, and I’ll continue my quest to find more unique ways to make my VStar stand out from the crowd. Until my next post….ride safe!

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