Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Source for Vstar Information

I've mentioned a few informative sites of interest throughout my posts, and decided I needed to throw one more very helpful site out there for your benefit. The Yamaha Motorcycle Forum is a great group, that are very helpful for all bike enthusiast. The primary focus is simply the Yamaha/Star brand, and includes all bikes that fall within that category. There are individual groups within the forum dedicated to each bike. I personally enjoy reading,learning, and hearing about the experiences shared from all of the groups. I will admit though, I do spend most of my time perusing through the Star 650 Classic and Custom group the most.Becoming a member is just a simple matter of registering on the homepage.Incase you are wondering, no, I'm not in anyway affiliated with the forum other than being a member. I have simply found this particular forum to be very friendly, and most helpful for all of their members. Therefore, I feel they certainly deserve a good mention here from me. As for my bike, it still awaits the installation of the new lights. I've yet to tear it apart, and begin the proccess of figuring out the best position for the install.It's hard to see it sitting in an unrideable state while the weather is so nice. I do plan on making time for the lights very soon, and will post more with the results of the additional strand then. Hopefully, there will be a noticeable difference to report. Until next time...ride safe.

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