Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just a few Pictures

I've been doing a lot of talking without posting any pictures for you lately. Here are a few of the items I have been toying with. The picture shows the stock right side wire bundle with the kill switch by passed. I also have the new starterbutton, grips, and Harley Davidson throttle housing. Originally it was chrome, but we can't have that now can we. I used a little bit of rattle can paint I picked up from our local Lowe's store. I want to compliment them on their line of Valspar spray primer/paint combinations. This product lays down real smooth, and gives a nice clean finished coat of paint. I used the satin black to paint the throttle housing, and have now painted the foot switch mount that I made to add a unique way for starting my Vstar. It is pictured separately. I have it mounted on the bike now, and will give more details about it later. I may actually attempt to improve on the design later on after I determine if the foot placement for the current one will suffice. I still haven't taken any pics with the bars yet. It's really hard to picture the final look without the tank on the bike. I still have everything removed for better access when the time comes to work on the throttle cable. Well that's it for now, more to come later. Until then, ride safe.

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