Saturday, August 17, 2013

Customer Service?

I’ve hit a slight snag, so the bar swap will take a little bit longer. I’ve had the bars, and risers installed for weeks now, as well as all of the extras I’ve been working on have been completed. The problem lies in one of our local bike shops here in Valdosta, Red-line Cycle Center. This was the place I counted on to make the throttle cable. I’ve been in contact with them throughout the duration of the previous month about this issue. I was assured it could be made, and was quoted a price. To make a long story short, after multiple calls, and several visits, and numerous request to have this completed, I am still without the cable. I have literally begged this guy to take my money, and make the cable I requested. The very one I was told he could make. To make matters worse, the original quote has grown with every visit. On Friday, the final straw was when it was suggested that I trailer my bike up there for him to look at. He has already been given the old and new throttle, the old cable, and I’ve told him explicitly what I needed, as well as the measurements. What possibly could the bike offer that I have not already covered? Fortunately, my wife has been doing most of my leg work, as I simply have not had the time to do so. This guy has proven he is incompetent thus far, and lacks the capacity to handle customers appropriately. He has not called back when he said he would, and was not at his shop when he claimed he would be. Did I mention he sent the throttle housing back to me with scratches in the paint, adding more work for me to repaint it? So, I refuse to go any further with this ridiculous little man that does not deserve to have a business license. I have however found a beacon of hope among all of the bad customer service I’ve encountered lately. I spoke with Colleen Barnett-Taylor, from Barnett Clutches and Cables, and have painlessly ordered the exact cable I needed. Though my communication with her was brief, she was very pleasant, extremely helpful, and I feel confident that this order will go well. So, at this time, and until I receive the cable, I have no further updates to share. Ride safe……

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