Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mirror Deja vu

With all of the recent changes, I’ve decided it was about time to upgrade the mirrors as well. As you already know from reading through some of my first blog entries, the stock mirrors were one of the first items to go. The stockers were replaced with the teardrop style Arlen Ness Rad II mirrors. However, the new bars seemingly add a new aura to the bike, prompting this recent change. After mulling over several styles, and consulting with the wife and kids, presenting them with multiple choices, I was left to decide between the two top selections. Both mirrors resemble the Arlen Ness style tear drop, only with a little bit different twist. The choice I made reflects the overall “dark” theme of the bike, while complimenting the new bars. I’m so close to getting everything back together, I plan to post pictures of the mirrors along with the bars, risers, and some of the other odds and ends I’ve been working on, when it’s all complete. Until then, ride safe.

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