Sunday, November 17, 2013

Apehangers, Mirrors, and Risers on the VStar

I took the time today to snap another picture with better visibility of the new bars, mirrors, and risers. It has been too rainy as of late to get much else done. I plan to tackle the headlight tint as soon as I can, and will most likely add a fresh coat of paint to the headlight. I doubt I will embark on any major new endeavours before the first of the year. I'd like to keep things simple to prevent any more down time. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the Annual Outback Riders Toy Ride again this year,and will post pics of it just as I did last year. Until my next update...ride safe.


Lisa Marie Catton said...

Hi mate, great looking bike!
What brand and height risers are you using?

James said...

Currently, I have the spikes mentioned in one of my latest post.I don't really know what brand they are. I picked them up used on E Bay.

Anonymous said...

hey man sick bike, where did you get that rear fender? also how did you black out the chrome on the sides of the rear fender?
thanks dude

James said...

Thanks for the compliment. The fender was found on Ebay, and is just a plain steel fender that I adapted to the V Star 650. As for blacking everything out, it's powder coat. My powder coat guy is very good, and can make the powder look like paint.