Sunday, November 3, 2013

Barnett.... Never Again!!!

I will not endorse, or advocate the use of any Barnett products. What started out a very pleasant endeavor has become a nightmare. The first cable that was ordered was supposedly lost in transit. I fully understand that excuse as I too have had packages lost due to the postal service. After the duration of several weeks wait time, and my previous disappointments concerning this cable, my frustration however was hard to quell. Although, after being reassured a second cable would be made and expedited to me, I started to feel better. I was told to expect the cable the following Monday. That day came and went. I contacted them and was given a second apology, and another reassurance that the cable would be sent. Due to my schedule I was unable to call for another couple of weeks, but still had not received the cable. When I contacted them, I was told my order didn’t go through because of insufficient funds on my card. That was impossible as they had already been paid in full several weeks prior to this call. Turns out, there was an attempt to charge my card for a second cable. What????? I had not received the first cable, so when they attempted to charge my card again, the funds were already gone. Thankfully, I have a special card set up for all internet transactions that I only add enough money to for a particular purchase. Therefore, I was saved from being charged twice for a cable that I still did not have. I was told to call back the following week so that I could speak with someone about my situation. Fine! I contacted them once more, and asked for a refund. By this time I am fuming, knowing that I passed up an earlier opportunity on Ebay for full cable set that was roughly the cost of the single cable at Barnett. I was willing to hold out because I really wanted to have the Harley end on the cable that would work with the Harley throttle housing. Well after asking for a refund, I was once again assured that the cable was made, sitting on her desk, and would be sent at once. I was hopeful that this was finally going to be it. I was wrong. After another week the cable arrived, and it was not what I ordered, and had been waiting for. This was a VStar +7 cable but it did not have the HD elbow that I paid extra for. Another phone call to Barnett only provided more frustration. I was told there would be a shipping label emailed to me, and I could send that cable back for the alteration. The real kick in the teeth is when I realized that I was expected to pay the shipping charges. I currently have a call in to dispute this matter, but have not been called back as of yet. Here is where my frustrations boiled over in to madness. I decided I would try and make the best of it and work around their mistakes. I drilled out the Harley housing to accept a VStar cable, and have made a new retaining clip to hold the cable in. When I attempted to thread the barrel end into the throttle end of the grip I noticed the barrel on the end of the cable was misshapen. I tried anyway and was able to get barrel into the opening on the grip, however it will not spin freely allowing the cable to lie down inside the guide on the grip. Now, I know the grip is fine because I have already checked everything with the stock VStar cable and alls well. The barrel moves freely inside the end of the throttle sleeve allowing for proper operation. The Barnett barrel end will not move, and work the way it should. So now I’m left wondering, after the work I’ve done this afternoon, what is my next course of action. I think I’ll sleep on it, and make a decision in the morning. I will let you all know next week of the direction I plan to take at this point. Until then…ride safe.

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