Sunday, November 10, 2013

VStar with last!

Well, with a little bit of modifying, and a few choice words, I’m done… for now. After all of the recent tinkering, I finally had the chance today to take the bike for a quick ride around the block. I would say getting accustomed to the apes is going to take more than it did when I added the extra 6 degrees to the front end. I guess the added length increases leverage, making any response to turning the bike much more sensitive. Currently my VStar has a total of 16 inches of rise, in contrast to the seemingly miniscule 4.5 that I previously had. However, the throttle cable that created so much turmoil is almost too long. I ordered the length based on the stock set up offering about 8 inches of rise where as these bars have 13.5 with 2.5 inch risers. Therefore, adding 7 inches to the throttle cable seemed a logical choice. Though it is a tad longer than needed, I’m not going to complain so long as it works. The clutch cable, on the other hand, is a bit tight when turning. I did not order the clutch cable at the same time as the throttle because I have considered adding a jockey/suicide shifter. I’m still mulling it over though, and I don’t think I want anymore changes until I’ve grown accustomed to the new bar height. For appearance sake, the addition of the new bars seems to diminish the effect of the added rake. The bike looks to have resumed the stance more reminiscent that of a stock VStar. With that said, I still believe I will enjoy the change. One a side note, while rewiring the frame lights for a couple of new additions, I managed to break…more like pull apart, the strand of lights under the rear fender. In the future those will need to be replaced, and at the same time I plan to try and add some to shine on the front wheel. The addition I previously mentioned is in the form of a couple of small strands of blue, one behind the hyper charger, and one inside the HD horn cover. The idea here is to create more of an ominous eerie glow. The blue strands almost outshine the purple, but I’m satisfied with the overall results. Now, I just have to complete it on the front, and back wheel for the full effect. I also purchase a small piece of purple tint to add on the lense of the headlight, all in good time though. For now, I’m just happy to have my bike up, and running again. I will update with a few more pictures once I’ve added the headlight tint later. Until then…ride safe.

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