Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to install a Bobber Rear Fender on the V Star 650

With so many riders exploring the realm of bobber building, here are directions on “how to install a Bobber Fender kit”. My bike was a guinea pig for this project but has now resumed its former state with the full fender. Our platform bobber kit for this instructional can be found on Ebay.

Parts list:
Galvanized bobber fender with pre-installed bolts, and washers
Front brace for fender
Left and Right round rod strut
Inside strut mount (2)
Outside strut mount (2)
¼ x 1” hex head bolt (4)
¼ x 1.5” hex head bolt (2)
Flat washers (6)
Lock washers (6)
Acorn nuts (6)
Wing Nuts(2)
Notched spacers (2)

Install directions:

1)  Compare parts list with what was received. Ensure you have everything you’ll need to assemble the kit.
      a) Please read instructions completely, make sure you understand each step.
2)  Support, and secure your V Star. This is required later for removal of the shock bolt.
3)  Remove all stock-OEM seat, fender, struts, and lighting. The instructions for this can be found on-line in pdf format.
4)  Remove the rear shock bolt, and feed the front tab of the fender brace under the seat support, placing the lower tabs of the brace securely on the outside of shock mount. Re-install the shock bolt and nut, but do not tighten at this point.
5)  Center the fender on the wheel, and align the two bolts in the front of the fender with the holes found on the front fender brace. Once each bolt is through the brace, secure loosely using a washer, lock washer, and acorn nut.

6)   Each strut mount side consists of a metal outside brace, a metal inside brace, a ¼ x 1" bolt, flat washer, lock washer, and acorn nut. Push the ¼ bolt through the small rectangle brace first. This will be on the inside of the swing arm facing out. Place the larger brace on the outside with the tab for the strut at the back. Place the washer, lock washer and acorn nut on the bolt. Then tighten the bolt to hold everything in place.
7)   The struts included are left, and right specific. Ensure the struts match the appropriate side before installation. The left side has an offset with the longer end at the top. The right side is where you will use the straight strut. It will only fit one way. If it doesn’t fit, you have it upside down. Using the appropriate strut for each side, align the hole in the tab with those in the lower part of the strut. Secure each with a 1/4”x1” bolt, flat washer, lock washer and acorn nut. Fasten each strut accordingly, and loosely tighten the nut. Hold on to the strut until you are ready to align with the top hole in the fender. Working one side at a time is best.

8)  Align the top hole in the strut with those found in the fender. From the back side of the fender, insert the ¼”x 1.5” bolt into the pre-drilled hole. Place the small notched spacer on the ¼” bolt between the fender and strut. The larger spacer is for the straight strut. Secure the strut in place from the outward facing side with the wing nut provided. Repeat this step for the other strut.
9)  Visually inspect the fender, ensuring all steps are complete. At this point, re-align the fender with the wheel, and adjust accordingly ensuring fitment on your V Star. Tighten and secure the front brace at the shock mount, and fender, as well as all points of contact on the struts for both fender and swing arm.

10)  Visually inspect the fender once again, and adjust if necessary. I recommend using blue Loctite, or some form of thread lock on all bolts when tightening for the final time.
11)   Enjoy the new bobber fender you’ve just installed, and ride safe.


gabriel martin said...

Did you get this fender from a kit?
It looks great and super straight forward.

James said...

Yes, you can find the kit, and the individual fenders on Ebay.

Adonis said...

Received the Rear fender from Kenny today. I emmediately put on the primer then afterward the final coat. Installation was plain and simple. Added lock tight to tighten up all bolts. Result was amazing! Now my VLX looks more of an Old School Boober👍

James said...

Thats good to hear. Just curious though, you mention a VLX but the kit is for the Vstar. Did you manage to make it work on the VLX???

Unknown said...

How do we find this kit on ebay ?

Russ T nail said...

How do we find this kit on ebay ?

Kevin Gillan said...

What's the thickness of the struts?

David Rigney said...

I can't find this fender and kit on eBay is it still listed