Saturday, March 13, 2010


After 6 weeks, I have received the last of my order from Scootworks and, the wheel cover, as well as, the triple trees are back from the powdercoat guy. There was a slight bump in the road concerning the installation of the wheel cover. Apparently the little ziplock bag with the hardware, wasn't sealed well and some was lost in shipping. Fortunatly, I was able to locate a local store that carried the matching chrome bolts and spacers needed. I have the wheel cover installed on the wheel however, need to have it balanced before re-installing it on the bike. After this is done, I will start on the front end. I plan to take a nice long ride beforehand though, due to my extended down time during the Scootworks episode. I've included a couple of shots of what I have so far. BTW, I still have no explanation from Scootworks concerning this order.I'm just glad to have what I paid for. After this experience, I will certainly use more caution, and research the vender completely before ordering. Ride safe...

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