Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No parts yet!!!

Well, I'm back with more bad news. It has now been another week gone by and, no shipment from Scootworks yet. My bike is still sitting in pieces. What makes it worse is that now, I can't get a response through email or phone call. They received payment a month ago, and without contact, I can't even try to cancel the order. Up to this point, I felt confident in using Scootworks for my motorcycle needs, and would have recommended them to others. I'm not sure what happened, a change of ownership perhaps.They have lost my business and, I will certainly warn others when ordering from them. I have a few other places in mind I can order the parts from but hesitate, due to my payment to Scootworks being in limbo. If I can't get a return then I will just be stuck waiting on them to drag around until they finally decide to send my order. I will update more later, ride safe.

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